A Journey of Values and Romanticism
Embark on an extraordinary journey on the world's most breathtaking roads, driving from country to country with one mindset: authenticity.
Road.911 is an unparalleled adventure of discoveries, connections, untold stories, hidden gems and passionate people.
Get ready to go beyond the horizon.
Chris A. Koch - More to Drive
Chris'passion for Porsche is a long love story. Since he put his hands on his first genuine Porsche in 2016, he already embarked on an authentic road trip. Read the full Petrolicious article here.
The first World Tour attempt was cut short in 2019 due to unforeseen circumstances, but he did not give up. With a network of supporters, followers, and fellow car enthusiasts, Chris is gearing up for his new world tour.
This epic journey will take you to new heights, exploring the world and sharing the passion for automotive excellence. Along the way, Chris will connect with like-minded individuals, forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones.
" Road.911 is more than a world tour, it is a tribute to values, passion and authenticity. "
A Solo Driver World Tour, Going Around and Beyond


Get ready to witness the ultimate expedition, as Chris will travel across the world, revealing breathtaking roads each country has to offer.


At our core, we're guided by a set of values that define who we are. Passion, authenticity, optimism and commitment. These values guide us like our compass.


Embark on an extraordinary experience alongside Chris, by purchasing your exclusive front seat ticket and become part of the story.


Join us on a tour that goes beyond sightseeing and driving, as we involve local charity communities to share their values.


Car collectors
Uncover the stories behind Porsche's most coveted models, as we visit passionate collectors who have dedicated their lives to preserving these automotive icons.


Enjoy the journey by watching the documentary that will capture every moment of this extraordinary expedition, unveiling the magic of each connection and the power of every memory.
Explore the Essence of Each Country

Local Iconic Roads: Discover Breathtaking Sceneries

Local Culture:
Lean about Traditions

Local Film Crew:
See Unique Vantage Points

Local Car Collectors:
Listen to Personal Stories

Local Charity:
Make a Difference
The Itinerary
A Legacy Captured in Book and Video
Captivating Book
Dive into fascinating stories and stunning pictures, describing in details this adventure. Immerse yourself into this fascinating story.
Cinematic Experiences
Witness the Tour through the lens of talented filmmakers, capturing its essence in visually stunning videos that transport you to the heart of the adventure.
Insider Perspectives
Gain exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes moments that shaped the Tour, offering a deeper understanding of the passion and values uniting car collectors.
Iconic Memories
The Grand Finale: Leaving a Lasting Impact on the Automotive World
Experience the epic journey of a lifetime as we embark on the world's first Porsche 911 tour, culminating in a spectacular celebration of the brand's legacy and the passionate community that drives it.